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United States
My book "Lifebringer" can be found on Amazon if anyone is interested in my writing. :)


Xaviax WIP by LuciferDragon
Xaviax WIP
In the mood to redesign Xaviax, one of my orcas. I've been inspired by one of my students to revisit my marine characters. :)
Original is from 2013.
Blending Stick Practice by LuciferDragon
Blending Stick Practice
I bought myself some blending sticks, and I have to say I prefer them over my finger or a tissue. :) Of course Hana had to be my first test subject. <3
The Beast by LuciferDragon
The Beast
LD/PD recently saw Over the Garden Wall. I have solidified the idea that I do indeed have a type. Tall, dark, and oh so scary. IT'S THE GOD DAMN VOICES I TELL YOU.
Anyway, my hand slipped.
Pumpkin Wars by LuciferDragon
Pumpkin Wars


Imagine your OTP carving pumpkins together, and Person A is really good at it. Person B isn’t so good, and decides to play around and throw pumpkin guts over Person A’s head. This turns into a play fight where they both end up covered with the insides of the pumpkins until Person A surrenders. Person B apologises by kissing them passionately - bonus if they share a shower to clean themselves up.

Every once in a while I would get enough downtime to carve a pumpkin of my own. This translated to my son would sleep long enough through the night for his naps to allow me time to myself again in my workshop. I was able to keep a visual monitor in his room for me to make sure he was still out cold while I worked. He was nine months old now, and being much less of a horror than he had been. I don’t know what I would have done if it weren’t for the man standing across the wooden table from me, thrusting his knife into the thick orange skin of his pumpkin.

I laughed and Pitch stopped immediately. “What?”

“If you cut the top out straight down, what will happen when you put the lid back on?”

He looked a bit angry with himself and corrected the angle of his knife. “Whatever, Miss Pumpkin Queen.”

“You know it.” I glanced at the monitor, seeing our son still out cold, unmoving. I cut the pumpkin open with practiced ease. The stringy insides clung to it, trying to keep itself together. “Though would that make you the rag doll?”

He looked confused for a moment before he realized what I meant. He rolled his eyes. “Yes, I’ll be the male Sally to your female Jack. Now how do you do this again?”

“Just gut it. I’m sure you know how to do that.”

“Gut something? I’m a little rusty with the idea. And the last thing I gutted wasn’t exactly an orange fruit.”

“I didn’t mean literally.” I knew he was trying to get a rise out of me and it wouldn’t work. I knew he had done horrific things. It never deterred me in the past, and it had no reason to throw me off now. We both went still as a noise came from the monitor, but it was only a sound made from Drago’s deep sleep. I saw him relax more than I did. “He’s alright. Still out like a light.”

He nodded, and I didn’t push the issue. We both gutted the pumpkins, adding the guts to a large bowl for the Skels to do things with them. The seeds were a favorite among those that could actually ingest them. I set to work on my own pumpkin, etching shapes carefully out of the thick skin. It had become an art form for me, almost like sculpture. Being alone for a hundred years honed the skills, and so I thought nothing of the techniques I was using. It was almost second nature now. I mean, I’d be a lousy Halloween keeper if I couldn’t carve a pumpkin.

A sharp curse pulled me from my immersion. “What’s wrong?” I immediately saw what had made him angry as he turned the pumpkin to me and I had to hide a laugh. Which I failed to do.

Chunks of pumpkin littered his side of the table, and I couldn’t begin to tell what he wanted to initially make on the face of the fruit. “Laugh it up. We’ve found the one thing the Boogeyman has no talent for.” He tossed his knife to the table and crossed his arms.

“It isn’t so bad,” I tried to lie. He arched a brow and I spit out a laugh again, making him angrier. “Okay, it’s a train wreck, but I say that with as much love as I can muster.”

“Ha ha,” he muttered, rolling his eyes and getting up to come around to my side.

I bit my lip as he saw my work. I had etched out the starts of a scene with the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow. He had been a personal favorite to work with. He loved keeping his name known just as much as the next historical ghost.

Pitch didn’t say anything. Instead, he acted like a mature adult. And by mature adult, I mean he dumped pumpkin guts on my head.

I sat in stunned silence as his snigger turned into full-out laughter. Guts hung from my horns. I had no idea how to process it. “You sneaky son of a—“ I took my own handful of pumpkin guts and threw it at him while he was laughing, nailing him square in the face.

“So it’s this game you want to play?”

I quickly grabbed two large handfuls and jumped from the bench as I avoided another toss from him. His ammunition bypassed me and knocked one of the Shadowbats out of the air, both of us flinching and shouting apologies as we ran through my workshop. We ducked through shadows here and there, tossing small balls of guts at each other when we thought we found openings between the Skels, ‘bats, and work stations.

Snowball fights could be reserved for North and his holiday. Pumpkin gut balls were much more fun.

I came out of the shadows, reaching for another ball of guts. I only grabbed air. My nerves gave a shot as I also realized Pitch was nowhere in sight. “Shit…” I shrieked as cold guts were thrown down the back of my shirt, my back instinctively arching out of the way. His cackle met my ears. “You fucking asshole!”

He pulled a few strands of the guts from my horns as he stood in front of me. “Now now, you know flattery will get you nowhere.” He chuckled at my glare. “Alright. I have a peace offering.”

Before I could question what he pulled me into a kiss that I had no intentions of stopping. As far as white flags went, this was acceptable. A garbled cry drew us apart, bringing our attention to the table where our pumpkins still sat. I pulled away and sank through the shadows to reach the table faster. Sure enough, the cries were coming from the monitor still stationed on the wood. I sighed. “He almost lasted long enough.”

Pitch chuckled, looking at the screen of the monitor. “Should probably get him before he gets worse.”

“Covered in pumpkin guts?” I asked, crossing my arms, entrails still stuck in our hair and on our clothes.

“Why not?” He turned his back to me as he switched the monitor off. “Besides…”

I narrowed my eyes in confusion. “Besides what?” He dumped a handful of the remaining guts on my head and vanished into the shadows, his cackle lingering after him. I stood in shock, the guts hanging in front of my eyes. “Pitch Black you unbelievable jackass!”



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