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September 17, 2009
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So what is really wrong with having a fan character?

     Apparently, there’s something wrong with having one. And having one with a very developed story that intertwines with the characters of said fandom (assume it’s Naruto and I WILL destroy you). What really is wrong with having one is beyond me, but it seems if you do a few stories with fan characters, or original characters to be specific, the story will go unread.

     Really, are you that shallow-minded?

     I’ve been writing fanfictions on and off for years now, since 2004, varying between what my interests were at that point. So YES I have a Naruto one, BACK. OFF. It was originally going to be a different story, but I got so pissed off with people saying it was amazing, I revamped it and now it’s just basically smut with a bit of a plot. And it’s STILL faved and commented on with a “Continue please” (insert annoyed sigh here).

     It seems that if you cannot “blend in” with what everyone else is doing, your work, and your characters you spent a lot of time on, just plain suck. On top of that, if it’s not yaoi, it sucks.

     Let me elaborate before your mind blows up with rage.

     I’ve loved Yu Yu Hakusho the longest out of any of the other animes I’ve ever watched. Just something about the story line and the character developments that really got to me. And yes, I fell for the damn bad-ass bishie boy, just like many others. Sue me. Thus, my friends and I (this is in 2004-2005 mind you) would write silly little tales, and so our characters were created.

     Nowadays, after rewatching the series for like the fourth time, I’ve got great ideas for stories for the aftermath kind of thing, but no one will even touch the stories. If it’s not a yaoi pairing, it’s not good. Think I’m jumping to conclusions? Look at the Yu Yu Hakusho section on You’ll see I’m being serious.

     Even if by some lucky chance someone does read it, they accuse me of making Shakaku (my OC that I created back in the day) a total Mary Sue.

     Ooooh doesn’t that just piss anyone off?

     But I can go into detail on how she’s no different from any of the characters on that show. Yes, she is a dragon/fire hybrid of a demon. Yes, she is a princess (though refuses to take the throne, what with her father still alive and her people hating her for not being a pure-blood), and yes, she loves black. Yes, she has a bad past. But look at each character on that series and tell me they can’t be considered “mary-sue-ish” in that sense. What was the male version, Gary-Stu’s? Eh, whatever. Yusuke dies and comes back with spiritual awareness. Woo, ok believable. Then, every case, he grows stronger, when he’s really not even supposed to, breaking the limits of a normal human at most times. Ok, getting a little too out there. Then, even further on, we come to find out he’s descended from one of the LORDS of Demon World, and thus a demon himself. In a way. Ok people, isn’t that just a bit out there? I think we can let my girl slide on being descended from a Dragon Lord, hm?

     Kurama was once a thief of the highest class. A fox that slowly progressed into a demon. Hm… well alright. We’ll go with it. He’s almost killed but narrowly escapes to human world, possessing the fetus of a woman. … Sounding a bit odd yet? THEN he can unlock his powers, but not in full. Blahblah, seeing my point yet? It’s with his odd background of how he even became a demon that Sha can slide with being half dragon and half fire.

     Hiei is the perfect example of a Gary-Stu or whatever the hell you want to call those things. The troubled past that EVERYONE seems to hate in fanfictions, he gets sympathy for. Uh-huh, so my dragon-girl committing mass murders because her mate was killed makes her a Mary-Sue. Puh-lease.

     I think I made my point with how people need to think further on the original characters of the series before they pick on the original characters of the fans. They’re not as far-fetched as you’d seem.

     What makes a good fanfic, in my opinion, is being able to get into the anime character’s minds, taking on their personas and being able to work with it, tweaking it just to get the end result you want but not make them someone totally different. Along with that, it takes well-developed original characters to make the story move along.


     … *wiggles finger in ear* Watch a series very, very, very closely. No where, in the entire series, the entire 112 episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho does it say say, or even hint at, that Hiei and Kurama are totally involved. Hell, watch episode 111, that will kill any dream of any yaoi fanatic. Of Hiei giving the tear gem to Kurama to pass back on to Yukina.
Kurama: I’m flattered, but I’m really not interested in you like that.
Hiei: It’s not for you!

     Seriously, watch, you’ll learn something.

     And where in Naruto does it say that Itachi wants to shag his own brother? Hm? I’d like to see where that is even CONSIDERED. That’s another thing I want to delve into but not yet. Where in it does it suggest Naruto and Sasuke want to bang each other senseless? Show me, where in Rurouni Kenshin does Kenshin and Sanosuke admit they want to be more than friends? And just because of this “fantasy” world, all the good fanfictions are getting over-looked because “it’s not full of gay sex”. Alright, awesome. Go watch a gay porn and tell me how hot that is. A guy taking it from behind up the Hershey Highway, grunting and groaning and sweating as another guy is straining away at it. Tell me how sexy that is. Ooh baby, right?

     Ok, so what brought about this “incest is awesome” thing, hm? INCEST IS WRONG. Have you ever looked at a sibling and said “Yeah I want a piece of that ass”. Do it, I dare you. Even if you have a sibling or cousin of the same sex. Do it. Tell me, what’s so alluring of Dante and Virgil clawing at each other? What’s so amazing about Itachi doing Sasuke? What is so captivating of any pairing like that? Do you have repressed feelings for a sibling of your own? Really, I just can’t understand this one. Feebs, ElvenAngel, has done amazing fanfictions with her OC Tess and Dante. I know because I’ve betaed a few, and even gone out of my way to read a few others. Honestly, Tess is so well-rounded she’s an amazingly believable character, and a believable source of Dante’s Achilles Heel. But her work is scorned just as mine is because “Dante isn’t banging his brother”. Oh get over yourself. These are the people who will read a yaoi even if the grammar and spelling suck. … Really? I mean come on.

     Anyway, figured I’d rant a little, because I really don’t understand why some amazing work is over-looked, just because one of the anime or game characters hooks up with an OC. If it’s a believable situation, and the anime/game characters are still totally in character, … well what’s the real problem? Apart from “THEY’RE NOT TAKING IT UP THE ASS”. *twitch* Honestly, give some believable stuff a chance. You never know what you’ll find.
Hell if I know where to put rants.

Anyway, I've just been hating recently that my characters I've spent years rounding, are hated just because it "interferes with a non-existing relationship".

Excuse me you rabid yaoi fangirl. Maybe if you'd pull your head out of dreamland you'll try something new instead of accusing every OC "interfering" of being a Mary-Sue.

Had to get this off my chest.
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WhiteLadyDragon Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
I know what you're talking about pretty well. I've been a Death Note fan for almost 5 years and while I don't write fan fiction only for the attention nor do I think I'm a master writer by any means (I try), sometimes against my better judgment I do feel kind of resentful that the fanfics there that DO get the spotlight or the accolades are the ones that have a slash pairing in it that doesn't even make sense. Namely L/Light. Almost everyone in that fandom treats it like it's canon, but I consider it a glorified crack pairing. Sometimes I think that if a story DIDN'T have that pairing, it would be left to gather dust like all the others. 

It's not that I'm completely against slash; it's just not my general cup of coffee and it depends on who's being paired with whom and how real and convincing it looks.

As for the fan-character thing, I have a few FCs of my own; one of them is a major character in my ongoing series and yes, she does have 2 canon romantic interests (not at the same time, though, it's a long story). Thankfully I rarely get truly nasty comments on that. But while I believe people have the right to free speech, I would at least like to know why one would say things like "het is disgusting" or "people who pair their OCs with canon characters should be thrown into the pits of Tartarus."
lenoremarcus Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You are right, I have lots of OC's my self, and it is verty frustrating when nobody reads your work. I must say, I'm a Spanish speaker, so my fanfics are written in Spanish.
But I have good news!! Some people can Love your OC/canon Pairing!
I have this Example, I'm writing a Harry Potter Fanfiction. It has everything, Humor, drama and romance. Some of the main characters are OC'S, and all my readers love the pairings, seriously. They Love Severus/Barbara, and Regina/Draco. Maybe is because they are well written and developed, and in the case Severus/Barbara, there is a credible reason Severus loves this girl (She has a strong resemblance with Lily Evans Potter), and is more credible to me Severus/Barbara than Sevmione.

For the other hand, I have this other Resident Evil fanfic... I love how's the story going, I love it. Seriously, I put all my heart in this story.
What is the problem then?
Only few people is reading it...
I have years with this story, and I left it incomplete for some years because of some personal problems. I had some readers and divided opinions... Some liked it because of the quality of my narrative and some people accused Sara A.K.A Lenore (my OC) of being a Mary Sue.
Recently, I retook my story and revamped it.
They Like it!!
They even Like my OC!!
A friend of mine said that Sara is so well developed that she deserves to be in an original work!
Another friend of mine who happens to be a Psychologist said the characters are well developed, even that James Marcus (The canon character Sara is paired with) is not OOC because we never see very much of him in the games, and given his personality is very factible given the situation.
I want to write a traslation of this fanfic in english, so I began to upload some character Bios in this language to DA.
But some people bagan accussing Sara/Lenore even they posted her in a Sue bashing blog on tumblr.
Is only closed minded and low of intelligence people who don't appreciate good fanfic, or don't go beyond to see what's up with that original character...
AwesomeHellee9 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Hobbyist
I argeed and yaoi is overdone sometime
punkerpavine Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I need to show my friends this (them being yaoi fans) and crush their dreams forever. You've earned my respect :)
LuciferDragon Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thank you. :)
flabaflaba123 Featured By Owner May 19, 2012   General Artist
Because 90% of the time these characters are just self-inserts that were only created so the writers (you can't really call them that, actually.) can bang their favorite characters. 90% of the time, OCs suck.
lenoremarcus Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
A self insert is not always a Mary Sue, but...
There are some self inserts who happens to be Mary Sues...
If the OC is a self insert is a Mary Sue
If the character is attractive, is a Mary Sue
If the oc is smart, talented or else is a Mary Sue.
If the OC is all the things listed above, is a fucking Mary Sue!!
Just relax and don't judge a book for it's cover... some authors can give you a surprise
flabaflaba123 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013   General Artist
Those aren't MY definitions of a Mary Sue. And see that in my last comment I made sure to avoid saying "every time", because I know some authors can create good OCs, it's just really uncommon... at least in my experience.
lenoremarcus Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, sadly the most author who make OC's tend to make Mary sues
flabaflaba123 Featured By Owner May 19, 2012   General Artist
There's nothing really wrong with fan/original characters, but they are so often just crap that no one wants to appreciate any of them.
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